• Sofia Martellini

Matching sets take the streets on fashion week

During the Fall/Winter 20/21 Fashion Week, show-goers embraced the matching sets, transitioning between a more sophisticated look to casual ones, focusing on comfort. To keep you updated, we highlighted three primary commercial directions for this trend.

Colorful tailoring

The color palette is an essential aspect of tailored sets, especially in pantsuits. Pastels, delicate tones, and bright pink soften the formal cut and lend a fresher, more feminine touch to these sets. In terms of styling, invest in a mix with sporty elements, like sneakers and hoodies.

Images: Paris; Milan; Paris


Mixing printed pieces bring newness to the matching sets, taking it into the playful territory. Keep an eye out for retro references, with monograms and classic prints, like checks.

Matching different prints can also make items look like they're a set. In the third image, the garments do not have the same pattern, but they create a harmonious and cheerful look.

Images: Paris; Paris; London


Knitwear sets focus on comfort while also catering to elegance. These looks feature mid-length and knee-length skirts, combined with sweaters, tops, and even ponchos. Opting for a more loose-fitting style brings casualty to the look while the material, such as crochet, can add a rustic feel. Neutral earthy and grayish tones drive sophistication and are key for the season.

Images: Paris; Paris; Paris