• Julia Rezende

SEO takeaways

More than ever, selling online has become an essential channel for any fashion company. SEO strategies have become an essential part of the marketing strategy, and its primary goal is to optimize your website, improving the rank in the search engine's organic results. To guide you through this path, we have listed some essential tips to optimize your page's SEO and increase your online visibility.

Keywords in the sales funnel

The first thing is to research keywords to understand which terms are most used by your target audience. Once you identify this, you can start adding them to your website so that your content becomes easily found on Google.

Page titles

After identifying your keywords, you need to embed them wisely into your pages so that Google understands your content's main subject.

The titles (<title> tag) of the pages must be descriptive, and concisely, informing users in a precise way about the theme you are writing. This tag is vital for both user experience and proper positioning on search engines.

Tips for creating titles:

Do not exceed 65 characters

Use keywords that are related to the pages

Do not use the same title on multiple pages

Use the title keywords with the h1 markup

Meta Description

The meta description is the descriptive text that accompanies the page's title on Google search results. This description is especially important because it is the first impression given to the user to click and access the site.

The idea is to draw the user's attention in 155 characters to increase CTR (click-through rate) on search pages.

Heading tags

Heading tags (<h1>, <h2>, <h3> tags, etc.) are used to define the most important title or subject of the page. Its main role is to determine the hierarchy of page titles and subtitles.

The <h1> tag should be a summary of what the user will find on the page.

The <h2> tag must address the following content from the page, and so on.


Searching for images on Google can also generate good website traffic on your site. To take full advantage of image potential for SEO, you must use tags correctly.

The <alt> tag indicates the alternative text that appears if the image is not displayed, and the <src> label refers to the original file name (file-name.jpg).

The filename of the images must provide information to Google about its content. The ALT feature describes the image. Remember to use the keyword in the ALT of the image as well.

Product description

After using keywords in the title, heading tags, meta description, and images, you need to apply them to your product descriptions. Write an original and appealing short text for your products and categories, so that it engages the user and shows Google what you are selling.